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Last month was a busy month of travel and the holidays, all of which were good. While either on the road or at home, as most of you know, I am pretty active on my sites, be it the social variety or her at my home on the web (my own site). During my hunt and peck around the internet, I came across a great social networking site for us truckers! Unexpected, but awesome. Obviously, one of my top passions is trucks and trucking (surprise), and I’ve always wondered why there isn’t something like this for professional drivers, I’ve found a few forums, but a little too impersonal and complicated to use. Facebook is cool for what it does, but as you can imagine in my position, if I want to reach out and connect with people in my profession out on the web, the Facebook and Twitter sites aren’t exactly the easiest place to do that because there are so many people following me (which I am quite grateful for). I can talk trucks all day, but mostly not with truckers! Kudos for everyone that has put this site together!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and truck in many interesting places, and though I’ve been able to meet quite a few professional drivers everywhere, I haven’t had a lot of time getting to know them (or even at home in the states) this site does just that! Here is the site that I am talking about: This site gets a big thumbs up and I hope that my fellow trucking friends check this out and join up. I’ve been creating my profile and adding some pics, and I’ll be sure to add you as a friend so I can check out what you are driving, where you are driving, and how you deal with challenges on the road. Check it out and find me on the site. Truckers will always get an accepted friend request there! I’d love to hear from you.

It’s a free site: No nickels out of your pocket. Very straightforward with places for photos, comments and a forum where you can create topics. I have a suspicion that I am going to be on that site as much as my site or Facebook! Anyway, this is a little gem that I had to mention.

Website, Worldtrucker

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  1. cinziagaiadafnejohn says:

    Hello, I enroll soon … still for a while I’ll have to give up to do my job of driver (small transport of food for hospital patients, and other healthcare facilities to stay in the surrounding areas). I had a child and to us after having a baby you can not work for more than 6 h or for more than 3 h on the basis of the contract you have, as long as he did not have one year. Temporarily make me do another job, but there is no time when I get back on the road and I can not wait to start again.

  2. AnthonyG says:

    I’ve just watched the final episode of IRT Deadliest Roads on the History Channel in the UK. I was utterly amazed at the driving conditions Lisa, Rick and Dave drove through. Cannot believe how well they managed with drivers who obviously have so little thought for their own lives or the lives of others.

    All three of them were amazing and credit given where credit is due.

    Lisa, your decision to go ‘solo’ was clearly the right one and with the support of the guys in your team you proved to be their match. Your last trip with the aviation fuel and your passion for the local people was amazing.

    Well done.

    Just as a passing question. What happened to your puppy?

  3. ritavw says:

    halo kelly,
    im also a truckdriver and saw the most of ur driving also india my question is simple what must i do for the extreme driving i hope u can help me i drive international (im from belgium) for +- 20 years
    and i like to do the extreme driving
    in the hope i hear from you with the best greatings
    ps i got a great respect for u

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