LK Podcast Three

Dec 15, 2012 6 Comments by

Another 30 minute chat with Lisa!

Podcast 3



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I am a trucker, artist, TV personality and an overall adventure seeker. I have had the opportunity to have a positive and exciting life, and hope that you do too!

6 Responses to “LK Podcast Three”

  1. chris1681 says:

    Once again great podcast, it is intresting to hear about the animals you had before the animals you have now. Its deffently one of the topics that will cover the next 2 Podcasts. Look forward to hearing them.

  2. M-Reza says:

    hi lisa , i have a problem while downloading this podcast,what should i do?

  3. M-Reza says:

    my download manager say that time out to download this podcast.

  4. nattukaran says:

    hello lisa can u drive a car?

  5. Daniel Bean says:

    I think Hugh puts you down and bad mouths you because he’s jellies of you I’ve seen it more time’s then I can count. Dan,

  6. Daniel Bean says:

    Ps. I also think your a way better driver then both Hugh and Rick because you don’t take risk! Dan,

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