Truckfest UK 2013: Peterborough

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After the long, cold winters in Alaska, spring is a welcome sight. As it starts to warm up, I am able to get outside and play more with the dirt bikes and the horses, work on all the outdoor projects around the house and yard (and as you see from my posts, with all the animals and new horse equipment, I’ve got plenty to do in that department) to just enjoying a break from the freezing temperatures.

For the past few years for me, spring also is the start of one of my favorite events that I have had the pleasure to be associated with. Truckfest in the United Kingdom.

In fact, I’ve just arrived for Truckfest Peterborough that kicks off tomorrow and thought I’d write a quick post at the hotel. After a long day of travel, I was welcomed back to the UK by old Truckfest friends and beautiful weather; this weekend it looks like there won’t be any need for my “wellies” (rain boots) and, if you are attending, you should see me at a number of different areas around the venue. Stop by and say hi!

Truckfest is such an amazing event when it comes to trucks… It’s a family event, and features sooooo many different kinds of trucks (American and European, plus some specialty vehicles) to the tune of about 1,000 rigs. Just amazing. Beyond the trucks, Truckfest puts on some pretty amazing shows… Monster trucks to FMX dirt bike jumping (yeah, I am pretty much in heaven) along with a couple other celebrities here in the UK. There’s nothing else like it.

I’ll be sure to get a few pictures and up in a day or two, but if you are in the area, I sure hope you pop by. It’s a beautiful May Bank Holiday and it’s so nice to be back!

Truckfest Peterborough

Truckfest Peterborough

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12 Responses to “Truckfest UK 2013: Peterborough”

  1. yves says:

    bonjour Lisa je vous admire pour tout ce que vous faite pas toujours facile j’espère que l’année prochaine vous serez de retour a Peterborough pour que je puise allez vous voir mon espoirs est de réussir a obtenir un autographe de vous mon non était sorti dans la sélection que vous avez organisez sur Facebook mai j’ai rien reçu si vous pouviez m’envoyer une simple carte postal avec un autographe je serais ravi mon adresse est 7 chemin des violettes le croisic 44490 France si des foi c’était possible je vous remercie d’avance a bientôt sur l’écran et une grosse caresse au bébé cheval

  2. BlingTing85 says:

    Was good to see you… me and my boyfriend wanted your autograph, but the big men from Mercedes bundled you off into VIP… was too gutted!!! x

  3. truckmad125 says:

    I was there! Your right its such a great time, with the fmx display team, monster trucks (even though i went half deaf standing next to bigfoot as it floored the throttle in the main arena). But getting a pic with you was the hilight of the weekend by far. Keep on truckin’!

  4. savya says:

    In India we have springs only for a month or two in March and April then afterwards in the end of April it starts to warm up a lot
    i know in Alaska it does not go that much hot to about 48 to 50 or even more high degrees like in India. so we have to sit in our houses for most of the time. We get some time either in morning on about 4:00 am to excercise or in evening after 6:00 pm to go out to hang out with friends for me i can’t afford time to hang out with friends as i don’t have much friends not more than two three overall. i don’t have plenty of work to do for the whole day except going to soccer coaching of my college or studying or spending time with my pets (they include cats and dogs only). Unlike the truck fest we can’t have any fests in these months except small ones . But we do have an auto expo here in Delhi in December or sometimes in January i visit there every year where big and small companies like VOLVO, Mercedes Audi, Haunda display there trucks , cars and bikes many movie stars from Hollywood and Bollywood both visit and buy cars and bikes
    i know you are busy in these months but visit there if ever you can it is one of the biggest automobile shows in the world.

  5. savya says:

    In India we have spring in month of march only. afterwards it starts to grow hot like about 48 to 50 degrees i know it never grows this much hot in western countries . Like this truck fest an Auto Expo is organised in India in month of December or January where all the big and small national and international automobile companies present their new vehicles which they are about to launch some also put them up for sale . I visit there every year but in business days as it is less rush in those days and my dad works for the government we get VIP passes before they all are distributed i know being an Ice Road Trucker you would be busy in that part of the year
    but believe me you should visit there whenever possible

  6. savya says:

    sorry for commenting two times it was by mistake. really sorry

  7. Oppliger says:

    Dear Lisa Kelly, how can I get or order an autograph from them?the series Deadly roads in India have unfortunately only now sent in the Swiss.Thanks

  8. Jessie says:

    Hi Lisa , I hope one day to meet you :) You are my hero and I am so proud of you .
    Be careful on the roads with your truck .
    I am proud to have you as hero and I know than I will be always on the good way and your philosophy is the best and you are an amazing lorry driver and a very kind person .
    Lot of respect .

  9. yves says:

    bonjour Lisa vous êtes une femme “extraordinaire vous avez prouvez a tout les camionneurs matcho que vous êtes capable de faire comme eux j’ai une petite demande a faire j’ai jamais réussi a voire une vidéo de vous a faire des exercices en moto si vous pouviez en mettre une ligne sa serais sympa et sur tout ne pas écouter toute les mauvaises langue je ne vous connait que par la tv mai vous avez l’ère d’être super gentille j’espère un jour vous rencontrer

  10. waish karan says:

    hi are the best . And you are my give me inspiration.and it is my very very very big dream one day i meet you.thanks your very very big fan.

  11. Peter says:

    Keep on trucking, you are the best

  12. Pete Church says:

    Hi Lisa, i thank you for being you, i would like to ask is it possible to give your account on the other Truckfests of 2013. While i have your attention, on LK some more information on the sports you participate in. I would follow you to the end of the world.
    Kind regards

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